We’ve been terrible about updating our news section — mostly because we’ve been incredibly busy — and so, we are here to tell you that we have not, in fact, died and are chugging along as well as ever.

Before we get into our main news, we wanted to take the time to say — yes, we know our website is horribly outdated. The other reason we haven’t updated recently is because we’ve been completely revamping our site. We hope that it will be out soon, ideally before the end of the month. We also have a new reel that will be up later today.

That said, some news…

To start:


A few months ago, we were contacted by our good friend Zach Villa and his bandmate, the fantastic Evan Rachel Wood — or, as the world now knows her: the sweet robot, Dolores, who lives in Westworld — to help them create three music videos for their band, REBEL AND A BASKETCASE. We loved their music — a throwback to the Bowie-infused-80s — and jumped at the chance to work with such talented artists.

The first video, ESCONDIDO, was a purely visual and experimental piece.  We asked ourselves: if Andy Warhol had a pool party and REBEL AND A BASKETCASE performed, what would the music video look like? We think something like this. It was directed by our very own Yuri Baranovsky, shot by Justin Mark Morrison and edited by Dashiell Reinhardt.

Enjoy the video, like it, comment on it, share it and enjoy! Here are some links:

Music of Rebel and a Basketcase

Just Friends – Single

Follow the band on Twitter:

Zach Villa

We really love how this video turned out and can’t wait to show you the others, coming later this month…


If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you likely have seen many posts and pictures about our project, DAN IS DEAD — a series starring Drake Bell that we created for Maker Studios. We’re incredibly proud of this project — which is full, scripted series (Zach Villa, the man in the Escondido videos, is also one of our leads in the show) We have been getting consistent tweets, emails and messages about when this will come out, the short answer is: we hope really, really soon. The series is complete and we’re incredibly proud of it. Right now, Maker Studios is busy finding it the perfect home to help the entire world see it.

We’re excited about the show, we’re excited about Maker, we’re excited about its impending release — we just have to be patient and ask you to do the same!



We’ve continued to create a lot of content for our friends at Purina/Friskies. A new series is coming soon, but before it does, check out the last one we did for them — we’re really quite happy with how it turned out. Plus, cats!


We recently shot an independent Pilot for a passion project of ours called BINGE. We’re still working on finishing it up — but it’s a dark, female-driven comedy that explores addiction, eating disorders and, specifically, living life while in a partial hospitalization clinic. We’ll have more on this soon…

Thanks for reading and hopefully, in just a few short weeks, we’ll have a whole spankin’ new site and more music videos for you!