Happy Little Guillotine Films is Live!

Hello and welcome to our new site! Isn’t it pretty? Doesn’t it smell nice? It’s that new website smell that’s actually composed of pretty dangerous chemicals.

We wanted to extend our welcome. For those of you who know our company, you might recognize one big change:

We are now, “Happy Little Guillotine Films.”

See? Even the logo changed.

Why, you ask? Well, first of all, as our director of photography likes to point out, we don’t often  actually shoot on film. Secondly, we don’t just make films. We make commercials, we make TV series, we make internal videos, we make a very, very wide scope of things much like — as we all realized simultaneously in a moment of sobriety — a studio.

And so there it is, a new website, with a new name and brand new pants. Take a look around, tell us what you think, and please email us! Email us with things you don’t like about the site, email us with job requests, email us if you need advice, email us if you’re just lonely. Our company was made in the primordial ooze that became social media — so being social? Well, it’s kind of our thing. 

Also, come back and check this news section often. Aside from updating it with company news, we’ll also be doing blogs on filmmaking, writing, music production, you name it (seriously, name it, and we’ll do a blog about it).