Happy Little Update – Long Overdue

This is a long overdue update. Our apologies for the long delay (I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath) — but here we are, with things!

First of all, we recently did another round of Rejected Superbowl commercials Check them out here:

If you love them, share them, like them, comment, etc., we’d love to know what you think as long as it’s not horribly offensive, which… it’s YouTube, so we get it.

Secondly, we’ve had a great few months!

We’ve switched our agency representation to Don Buchwald and Associates — a fantastic agency who is working hard to sell some of our latest shows. And, speaking of shows — we’ve shot two TV pilots in the last four months — we can’t say for who, or what it’s about, but, let’s keep our fingers crossed that you’ll be seeing an HLG show on TV soon. Hopefully.

We’ve also done a fun, super adorable DIY series for Friskies and are working with several other companies on digital campaigns. It’s been fun and busy and moving along.

For those who have been asking us about LEAP YEAR, Season 3 — we’re still trying. Desperately. We did, in fact, sell it to a network, it’s just… we’re not sure if that network is going to do anything with it any time soon. But we hope… oh, how we hope.

Okay! That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and caring!